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Peterborough City Council Budget Simulator 2023

Can you complete the budget challenge?

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When you click through to the simulator, there are ten blocks which are further broken down into services the council provides. You can watch a quick video or read a brief description using the i button above your chosen service to learn more about what each service does. 
It’s important to understand that the consequences are cumulative. For example, if you opt to reduce a service’s budget by 25% you must assume that the consequences for both a 5% and 10% reduction in that budget will also apply.
Please note:
This budget challenge aims to increase people’s awareness of the council’s budget and understanding of the difficult choices councillors must make when setting a budget. It also gives residents a chance to tell us where their priorities might lie if they were the ones making the decisions.
When we publish proposals later in the year, specific proposals which the council intends to take forward will be consulted upon in the normal way.